Alayne Morena, RDH, BS Health and Wellness, Certified Holistic Health Coach, CIHC, Certified Gluten Free Practitioner

I help motivate you to achieve your lifestyle or health goals, empowering you to make changes that last!

What can a health coach help you with?

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Motivating change to achieve your health goals through a holistic approach

My Why...

Why health coaching?

After suffering for years with skin rashes, fatigue and joint pain, I was diagnosed with Lupus and put on medication. I continued like this for 3 years as my immune system was crashing. I found a holistic health coach who with a functional nutritionist discovered my food sensitivities to egg, dairy and gluten! After eliminating these foods from my diet and getting my gut healthy,  my rashes, fatigue and joint pain cleared up!

🌿 About Alayne Morena:

Alayne Morena is a dedicated Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) and holds a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness. With a passion for holistic well-being, Alayne has extended her expertise to include certifications as a Certified International Health Coach and a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner (CGP).

As a Certified International Health Coach, Alayne brings a global perspective to her practice. Her coaching goes beyond borders, guiding individuals on their wellness journeys with a focus on diverse cultures and lifestyles.

Alayne's commitment to dietary wellness is underscored by her certification as a Gluten-Free Practitioner. Specializing in gluten-free living, she provides tailored guidance to individuals navigating gluten sensitivities or choosing a gluten-free lifestyle.

Fingers crossed and poised for continued excellence, Alayne is on the cusp of adding another accolade to her impressive portfolio—the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) certification. This upcoming certification will further enhance her ability to empower individuals towards optimal health.

Beyond her certifications, Alayne Morena is committed to a holistic approach to wellness. Her dental hygiene background, coupled with a deep understanding of health and wellness principles, positions her as a comprehensive guide for those seeking transformative health journeys.

Are you ready to embark on a wellness journey that integrates dental health, nutrition, and overall well-being? Connect with Alayne Morena and explore how her expertise can empower you on the path to a healthier and happier life.

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